Client Testimonials

"Blanca is an excellent trainer, life coach, and friend.  I have been training with Blanca for about two years now. She is awesome at personalizing workouts specifically for you and your needs. I have trained with her through surgery and pregnancy.  She adjusted my workouts for those hard times and helped make me even stronger. Blanca is definitely outstanding at what she does!"  -Asma S. 


"When first training with Blanca I was not a fan of exercising. In fact, I feared it. Blanca was very knowledgeable and patient with me throughout the whole process. Not only did she help me develop amazing muscle tone and a healthier way of living, but training with her helped me gain a ton of self-confidence."          -Crystal M. 


"I'm so happy to have found a coach who cares as much about my programming as I do! To Blanca I'm more than just another client or an excel spreadsheet. She is the biggest supporter of my power lifting journey."  -Olivia M. 


"Blanca is an amazing trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough and caring.  She knows how and when to encourage and when to push you to your potential. Blanca places a high value on correct form with every exercise. Because of her passion, enthusiasm, and in-depth knowledge of this sport, I look forward to continuing to become stronger through her programming!"     -Amy M.    


"Following Blanca's programming and guidance, I slimmed down to 165lbs. from 195lbs, and competed in my first powerlifting meet at the end of November 2015, (after only 4 months). Fast forward two years later, Blanca remains my coach and I have since competed in seven competitions, setting personal records at each one.  I have stayed lean and added close to 400lbs to my official powerlifting total.  I'm a month away from 40 years old and I have never felt better in my life." - Alfred V. 


"Blanca's dedication to strength and fitness training goes beyond just getting you into the gym. You'll learn what your body needs for training and nutrition, you'll be encouraged to stay motivated and on course and you'll definitely work harder than you ever thought you could, so that you can achieve your fitness goals."   -Kara W. 


"Such a great personal trainer! I originally reached out to Blanca to train me for a few weeks, and ended up sticking with her :) The time spent with her in the gym went by fast and I loved how I didn't have to think about anything - I just had to do it! She pushed me harder than any other trainer!! One of the best there is."   -Michelle A. 


"Getting personal fitness training was always on my list but I often found "reasons" not to pursue it, whether it was my schedule or general apprehension about the experience. I'm so happy that I finally went for it with Blanca! She performed a thorough assessment during which I didn't feel rushed at all and saw that she was taking everything into consideration from my current fitness level at the time, my eating habits, and any past injuries that I'd experienced. She pushes me with every session and is always right there with me to ensure I'm getting through each rep and set safely and to the best of my ability. My solo gym workouts are now 100% more fulfilling after having been trained by Blanca! Additionally she goes beyond the typical trainer with a high level of accessibility, responding to my diet and exercise questions quickly and thoroughly. Try her out: you will be far from sorry; except for maybe those days after your sessions when the muscles she's worked are screaming for more."   -Joy Z. 


"I've watched Blanca's transformation as she dedicated herself fully to her training. Blanca is driven and motivated, and absolutely has passion for what she does. She provides personal training to clients, and all I've ever heard are positive stories. Blanca attends national championships and is making an amazing progress each day. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get in shape and live a healthy life. She is knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, which is really important for a successful outcome. She has a great personality and knows how to inspire people to achieve their best. You can't go wrong! Blanca rocks!"  -Ivana K. 


"I have seen huge gains in strength since I first began strength training with Blanca, over 10mo ago. I love working out with her! She always makes it fun, exciting, and keeps me on my toes. She is very knowledgeable about fitness, strength training and sports nutrition. I feel stronger and more fit than ever!"   -Alina C. 


"Training with Blanca was amazing! She pushes you beyond limits that you never thought possible. She knew my reservations and presumed limitations when we first started. Soon after, I was squatting more than I ever thought possible – breaking my own personal best week after week. It was exhilarating to test my strength and exceed my goals. Blanca is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her craft which makes her workouts fierce yet fun. She’s a great motivator and guides you along to help you reach your fitness goals."  -Betty V.